Owners In Charge

When it comes to hiring an Architect, probably the most common question we get from homeowners is "What happens if the project doesn't go forward?". 

This is sometimes a polite way of asking, "What if we just don't like you guys?" or "What if we can't afford to build this house after all?" Fair questions. 

Our advice is that in any building project the Owner is always in charge (even if it doesn't feel like it sometimes). Only the Owner controls the three big project parameters: Scope, Budget, and Schedule. It is our job as your Architect to help you balance those three parameters and sometimes to help you adjust them so that they can be balanced.  

When this can't be achieved, then yes, the project stops. And because you're always in control, we stop with you. In that case our agreement governs the process for termination or long delay, but generally you only pay for the time we've spent to that point. You aren't obligated to stay with us or to pay for the entire design service if the project stops or changes. 

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