Whatever style a site or client calls for, the success of the design lies in a consistent adherence to the traditional materials and details inherent to that style.  These elements are a result of simple vernacular architecture, slowly adapted over time by local tradesmen to respond to the climate and resources of the area.  The same similarities found in the French countryside to that of eastern Missouri are what contributed to the area’s settlement by French explorers and wine growers.  Overlooking the beautiful rolling hillsides, this completely modern home was conceived as a nod to an historic French farmhouse, complete with a gravel auto court in front. Behind the stucco and stone vernacular details the exterior walls are covered in a continuous skin of solid insulation panels to combine the look of traditional thick wall construction with modern thermal performance. The windows were handmade with true French swing openings and set on solid cedar sills hewn from trees cut on site. The end result is a modern take on a traditional house that appears to span time.