The sculptural works of Carol Fleming can be found throughout St. Louis in corporate and residential settings alike.  Known for her wonderfully textural earthen columns and eggs, Carol has made a place for herself among the outstanding artists of our community.  And she does it all from the studio CORE10 designed for her.  The studio was envisioned as a quiet retreat for Carol to be able to work right out in the natural surrounding of the sloping, wooded lot at her home in Ladue.  A simple structure with rural details evoking a barn, it functions as a lofty space with a working kiln and easy loading dock right off the driveway.  Over the years Carol's artistic abilities have added to the design by altering the original color scheme with the warm orange accents seen today.  We should have just let her pick the colors to begin with since it looks much better than what we originally envisioned anyway.